A Chronological History of Vehicles of Note
That I have owned in the past or currently own

1959 Ford Fairlane 2 Door

It was my Mom's 1st car and was also the car I got to drive to High School and on Dates.
Date is approximately early 1965. Note the Stock Car Racing Style Oriented removal of the hub caps for that racy look.
My Dad was pissed. Theatened my driving privileges if I didn't put them back on that afternoon!
Thats my brother Dave in the high water hand me downs and our little sister Cindy.
Driven and borrowed from my Mom 1964 thru 1965.
1958 Ford Custom

Never got a picture of my 1st car, but this is a close representation of it.
Same color and body style: 2 door post sedan. Got it from a Hot Rodder a couple of towns over.
It had a rear rolled pan (no bumper). Sporting a 352 Cubic inch V8 (Y block). 220 HP.
4 Barrel Carb, Dual Exhaust, and the 3 on the Tree had been moved to the floor with a Hurst Shifter.
It had Dog Dish hub caps, not Chrome Wheels.
The 1st week I had it while practicing doing burn outs, I popped the clutch at a bit too high Revs!
Dropped the drive shaft right out of it. My Dad was pissed. Again.
Got this Hot Rod in late 1965 thru 1966.
1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner

Again, I never could find a picture of my one and only ragtop.
Mine was just like this one but with more modern thin whitewalls.
It also had a black and white interior. Actually drove this baby to the beach with my 1st surfboard.
To Hampton Beach N.H., The Cape, and Rhode Island looking for surf.
Owned and driven in 1966 thru 1967.
1962 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

No, I couldn't find a picture of my 500 XL.
But this is the same year, model, color, and interior as mine was.
It pulls on my memory hard when I look at this picture. Billed as a Luxury Factory Hot Rod it came with:
390 Cubic Inch V8, with 300 HP, 4 Speed, Bucket Seats, 4 Barrel Carb, Dual Exhaust.
Mine had the stock hub caps not Cragars like in the picture.
Got it in late 1967 and drove thru late 1968.
1967 Chevy II Nova

This car was a SLEEPER. It was NOT the every day Super Sport.
Commonly defined as a Chevy II Nova.
When I got it, it had been modified by the previous owner. He was a real Street Racer out of Worcester, MA.
He ordered it with the 327 High performance optioned motor with 375 HP.
Came with Corvette Fuelie Camel Hump Heads, a set of Hooker Headers, and Traction Bars.
A stock black bench seat interior, and a 4 speed.
I was blowing off alot of the cars in my town, no problem.

Heres an old polaroid, its the only picture I can find with the Nova.
With a Weber Performer and a Hansen 50/50 Powerflex on the racks you know I was at the beach.
Ya, thats me with a late 60's hippie style neckerchief.
Owned and driven from late 1968 thru early 1970. 

1967 Triumph GT-6

Well, yeah, I went from Hot Rod American Cars to an English Sports Car.
It was a natural transition. After all the 60's drew to a close and the sophisticated 70's were upon us.
I had just started in a computer technical school that was 40 miles one way from home. 
The GT-6 had a 2000 cc twin carbed 6 cylinder, wire wheels, she was quick and sporty.
Fashioned similar to a Jag XKE, it had a tilt forward bonnet (hood), and it was a fastback.
Ok, Ok, yup thats me in the lower picture.
Owned from 1970 to late 1971.
1971 Ford Pinto Runabout

I bought this car brand new in 1971. I ordered it in Forest green and with with a saddle interior.
These are the same colors as my Dad's 1939 Mercury he had when he was discharged from the Army Air Corp in 1945.
The "Gas Crunch" was on and it was a new type of model, an economical compact car.
I added some rally wheels from a Mercury Capri for racy mag wheel look.
I drove it across the country from Mass. to Calif. in 1972.
By the time of this photo, the car had seen better days.
And I was surfing again, this time at San Miguel in Baja, circa 1975.
1976 Ford Courier

My trusty '76 Courier is pictured here. Outfitted with Camper Shell, Rocket Wheels, and Wide Oval Radials.
Yes thats me with a 7'0" Channel Islands, Al Merrick Single Fin.
The boat is a 16' Glaspar Runabout with 70 hp Mercury Outboard. Probably from the mid 60's.
Used to attack the epic points and reefs of the Hollister and Bixby ranches north of Gaviota.
Dubbed "The Ocean Motion" this craft had made many trips from Gaviota Pier to the suf breaks known as "The Ranch"
Employed consistantly between 1978 thru 1982 to access "The Ranch" by sea.
Picture is probably from around 1979 or 1980.
This truck was shipped to Kauai in 1983 and served me until 1986.
It was at the age of 10 years and over 100,000 miles when it met its rusty death.
1965 Ford Falcon 4 Door Sedan

When the Courier gave up the ghost, and coinciding with the height of my surf bum years I had to come up with a cheap set of wheels.
Read all about my 1st Falcon. The story of this car is highly detailed there.
I ran this jalopy from 1986 to 1988 or so.
1978 Toyota Celica

I needed a car really bad after the demise of the old '65 Falcon.
Did not want to go Japanese, but the price was too attractive.
Ran this little sporty model from 1989 through 1991.
A couple of short boards on the roof and I'm ready to attack the surf.
Finally gave this car away for free to a surf buddy when I got the next vehicle.

1985 Chevy S10 Blazer

It's an SUV! Out on the west side of Kauai. All set up for a day in the sun and surf.
It was a great little truck and worked well off road and transporting surfboards too.
Good surf vehicle from 1992 through 1996 or so.

 1992 Ford Explorer Sport

The Explorer Sport was a 2 door SUV. It had fresh silver metallic paint and chrome wheels.
We're on the bluff overlooking Anini Beach.
I'm celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary with my wife Jane and daughter Jackie. It was the site of our wedding. 
The Westin Princeville is now occupying this site. So far it's the only picture I can find with the Explorer in it.
Therefore I know the exact date of the picture. February 14th , 1997.
1965 Ford Falcon Futura

This is how the '65 Falcon looked when she first arrived on Kauai in the summer of 1999.
Very stock and original right down to the Futura hubcaps.
1967 Ford Ranchero

I picked up the Ranchero in early 2003. Located in southern California. 
It was a dry car in good shape. I drove it as my daily driver for just over 3 years.
One of the few things I have ever sold for a profit. 
It actually appreciated while I owned and drove it.
The Ranchero has its own web page detailing the vehicle. 1967 Ford Ranchero
2005 Ford F-150 STX

This truck had less than 10,000 miles on it. Bought it off the lot in Lihue.
Acquired in 2006 after selling the Ranchero. 
I enjoyed this truck until early 2013 when my new F-150 came in.
It also has its own page, 2005 Ford F-150 STX, even though I don't own it anymore.


My current daily driver is a 
2013 Ford F-150 STX

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