The On-Going Process of Interior Progress

Phase 7, August 2008, the final and finished product.

During the summer of 2008, I had acquired the services of an Upholsterer that could repair and replace the broken seat springs.
I also scored a new interior, including: Seat Covers, Door Panels, even the Windlace from Dearborn Classics.
The result is an original and very stock appearing interior.

Phase 6, Aug. 2002
 Buckets Seats from a '97 Mustang were Installed

Drivers Seat is Power Forward and Back and Up and Down
Carpet over hump got hacked during previous B&M install
The 1997 Mustang Vinyl closely matches the 
Color of the Naugahyde of 1965
The Color of the Tweed Style Fabric closely 
matches the door panels
The Bucket Seat were installed into the interior in August of 2002.
Soon after the 4 speed transmission swap the G-Forces generated by speed shifting had broken a couple of seat springs in the stock bench seat.
Rather than live with the discomfort and saggyness of the broken bench I removed as stored the bench.
Knowing that some time in the future I would get reprodution seat covers and door panels for my car.

Phase 5, July 2002

The Toploader Swap required a Repro 
Floor Hump. T-Handle is for Competition Use

A Grant Walnut Wheel and Hurst Competition Plus
Shifter with Classic White Shift Knob 

Phase 4, Summer, 2001

The New Engine with Headers Required
the Use of a Floor Shifter.

Here is the B&M Quicksilver.
Summer 2001
An interesting note about the above pictures is that the upholstery shown was original to this car.
Although it was in very good condition, it had a great patina and showed some wear.
Further research has shown that upholstery of this pattern was not common the the '65 Falcon Futura.
And was commonly seen in the '65 Mercury Caliente, the sister car to the Futura.
It was also reflected on the Data Plate code on the door jam as Interior Code 391.
A 2 digit code is the common form. A 3 digit code indicates upholstery used was from another stockpile.
In this case, the date of manufacture of my Falcon is July 15, 1965.
Adding further belief that towards the end of the manufacturing year, the assembly line ran out of supplies.
And was forced to use upholstery the was either left over for a different model or product line.

Phase 3, Summer, 2000

Note the Cable Handles on Transmission Hump

Handles controlled the "Cut-Outs"  before
 New High Performance Engine & Headers

Phase 2, Early 2000

All Original Interior with the New Carpets installed and Rechromed Dash Bezels
Phase 1, Fall, 1999

Original Chrome on Bezels was worn off

ReChroming came out Great!!
Rechromed dash Bezels by PDQ Enterprises (now Defunct)
version: 04.19.09