Days at the Drag Races
These Pictures taken in July, August, and Oct, of 2001,
at The Garden Island Raceway Park, Mana, Kauai, Hawaii

August 11th, 2002,  RACE DATE UPDATE!!
The Falcon ran a new personal best E.T. of 13.624 secs. at 100.22 MPH
Click here to see the actual time slip
This E.T. was set during the time trials after being eliminated in the first round of the brackets that afternoon.
I decided to dial-in at 13.90 even though I had run a 13.87 earlier. Figuring I would be foot-braking towards the finish line.
I broke out when I finally got the launch method down. 3500 rpm. I turned a nice 13.67. But broke out by .230
Even though I was eliminated, they still would let me go on a few timed runs in between the running of the different classes.
I turned a couple of 13.7's and a great 13.624 @ 100.22 MPH.

My car's ID Designation: Street '65  =  ST65
Sponsors: Na Pali Properties and Pacific Basin Inflatables
Pre-Staging Line-up Surfdog! Yer next!!
Staged and Ready to GO!!!!
Wait your turn, in the blazing heat on the west side of Kauai
GREEN LIGHT!!  Personal Best Reaction of the day:  .532 sec
  Personal Best ET  13.624  Secs. on August 11th, 2002
The Falcon in Street Trim back at home on the North Shore
Walt's 1970 Ranchero with 429 CJ
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